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About Us

Revolutionizing the Supply Chain

Nutrād’s leadership team, drawing from decades of combined expertise in both supply chain management and Software as a Service (SaaS) technology, has positioned Nutrād as a pioneering force in reshaping how businesses navigate their trade networks.


With a steadfast dedication to instigating change, they are spearheading a vision of a future where supply chains transcend their current limitations to become more accessible and streamlined.


Serving as a beacon of innovation, Nutrād eliminates the complexities and inefficiencies inherent in traditional systems by facilitating automated product and supply chain data connections between brands and distributors/retailers in real-time.


Nutrād's unwavering commitment to transforming the global supply chain landscape is palpable through strategic partnerships, active engagements, and relentless pursuit of smarter solutions, all heralding a future where supply chains operate seamlessly, sustainably, and at infinite scale.

Meet The Leadership Team

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